Stunned Kenyan discovers wife's car is owned by her side dude

Men are being advised to Uber or take a matatu to avoid finding out terrible things

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Wise words are being dispensed to men willing to listen. A Kenyan man has narrated how borrowing his wife's car to run errands led to a discovery that she was cheating with another man.

In the viral Tweet, user @TheOnlyGuy told how an encounter with the woman's other man opened his yes to the truth about her secret life.

"You borrow your wife's car to run some errands in town. Then as you park the car, a gentleman approaches you and politely asks what you are doing with his wife's car?"


He added that;


"You tell him it's your wife's car. He takes you to his office and shows you the car's logbook and other documents. Meanwhile, your wife (the mother of your 2 kids) had all along told you she bought the car with a loan she took from her workplace's SACCO loan."


He continued in shock;


"You tell him to show you the photo of his wife. He shows you the photo of his wife. Voila! It's Achieng your wife! Same photo. Same photo. He says his wife works in Kericho and sees her only weekends."

Meanwhile, your wife allegedly attends her Masters Degree classes every weekend in Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega every weekend, for the last 1 year."

The comment has garnered 17k likes, a testimony to the harsh and realistic dating landscape.

While the story appeared far fetched, men under the comments section advised each other to never use a woman's car especially if you never bought it for her.

Some comments from Kenyans online are below;

@cutepoison001·Kuna mwingine huku bamburi anaishi six months Kwa bwana wa kwanza na six Kwa mwingine but hawajuani wa kwanza Yuko kilifi mwingine ndio huyo wa bamburi

@alaouite2·Nothing surpasses being contented in life. If your car is not working, enter a taxi Stop borrowing people's property

@feli_nwa·Quite a sad tale. All these wouldn't have happened if he didn't borrow her car

@danaceda·Avoid all this by not borrowing any cars. Just use matatu and enjoy life without drama finding you.

@AlishaIdah·This could all be avoided if he used Uber chap chap! Sasa Ona!

@ElenaNjeru·borrowing your wife's car is your first mistake. use you own car or use matatu, zero drama in life

@FineManArtist·1The person she spends less time with got her a car. You that she spends most time with borrowed the car the person she spends less time with bought for her. She loves you more if you ask me. You can be bros your wife's husband..

@SiPichoMoral of the story. Don't use your wife's car in town

@WamboiKuria·Stop borrowing your wives car. Chukua Uber enda shughuli zako, it will save you all this koso koso. Gari siku hizi ni kama simu. Personal property

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