Laptop thief sends owner's document back to him

The thief has sent an email to share a research project document

Ida Odinga's body guard has been shot dead in Kisumu.
Crime Scene. Ida Odinga's body guard has been shot dead in Kisumu.
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A South African man lit up the internet with his funny tale about what a thief did for him after stealing his laptop.

According to Twitter user Zweli Thixo, the thief was so considerate after stealing his gadget because he looked through and found a research document.

Perhaps owing to guilt and being a thoughtful individual, the thief decided to email the research document to the owner just incase it was important and due at work..


Zweli told of his experience in a hilarious twitter thread, writing;

"They stole my laptop last night and they sent me an email using my email, I have mixed emotions now."


The thief sent the email using the victims email address.


Here below is the email the thief sent to the owner of the laptop

laptop thief sends woner email about project
laptop thief sends woner email about project

Check out some comments from netizens who responded to the post below;

@umehvic·Why not make him same offer as the supposed buyer he found.


@sirboring_26·This is like getting robbed and they give your SIM card back

@tokotomasingi·I'm confused, which email address did they send you the email if they used your email

@dieJanki·So you know now, that they were truly in dire need of money without having lost their morals or being "a bad person". Trying to minimize your loss is kind of sweet, I think. Hopefully people realize, what capitalism is doing to us.

yn@RaymondZwyn·A similar event happened to me. He broke into my car, took my laptop bag which had my ID inside, drivinglicense, wallet, etc. He took valuables like laptop, iPad and R70 in the wallet then went and drop the bag at the parcel counter at spar.

@sibutrader·nyone who is able to offer this guy a job please This man went through the laptop and found a Research proposal and actually appreciates the effort and time that goes into it Honestly I’d hire him if I had the means

@OberynAtreides·I once got robbed at gunpoint in a taxi. He took my phone, backpack and wallet. But for some reason he didnt shoot me when I calmly asked for my sims and atm cards He actually let me have them. Then kicked me out in the middle of nowhere Oddly I hope he is doing better in life

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