Mixed reactions as Nurse takes video with woman in labour
Image: courtesy

The controversial video of a female nurse neglecting her duties in favor of social media lifestyle has been circulating online and has sparked a heated debate.

The pregnant woman, who appears to be close to giving birth, seemed to be in distress on the hospital bed, but the nurse sitting beside her decided to use the distressing situation to create content for her own benefit instead of helping.

In the clip shared online, the nurse, dressed in her green nursing uniform, was seen taking a selfie video with the laboring woman.


Despite the woman's cries of pain, the nurse continued to film the pregnant woman and smiled.

Social media users who watched the video expressed their anger towards the nurse, who chose to neglect her duties to create content.

Some defended the nurse, claiming that it may have been the woman's family or even the woman herself who requested her to record the pre-labor moments for her benefit after going home.


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