How a person can avoid copyright infringement on YouTube

YouTube copyright infringement, an unforgiving master for most creatives and creators

Willy Paul and Jovial's song Lalala, pulled down from YouTube
Kenyan singers Willy Paul and Jovial Willy Paul and Jovial's song Lalala, pulled down from YouTube
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'Lalala', the latest hit song by Willy Paul and Jovial  has been mysteriously taken down from YouTube.

The reason? The dreaded 'YouTube copyright infringement'-an unforgiving master for most creatives and creators.

The song was pulled down after a musician identified as King Jones claimed that Pozze had taken parts of his music and incorporated them into the new song, according to YouTuber BTG News Kenya.


So how does one avoid this fate? There are a few things you need to understand about YouTube and its copyright rules.

They are;


You cannot steal someone else's content and re-upload it as your own or include it in your video without being authorized to do so.


That includes music, movie and show clips, other people's video content, and anything you did not make or own yourself.

YouTube is quite strict about this, and you will get penalized if you steal someone else's work.


This doesn't mean you can't use copyright content at all. It simply means that if you want to use the content you do not own the rights to, there are things you have to do first.

You must have permission from the original creator to include it, or you must adhere to the fair use rules.

For something to fall under fair use, you must prove that you use the copyrighted content to do commentary, a review, or criticism on it or use it to make a parody.

If a copyright owner spots their content being used by someone else in a video without permission, the copyright owner can send a complaint to YouTube.

Though you can appeal a copyright strike and attempt to resolve the issue, be wary of racking up too many.

If for some reason, YouTube then determines a copyright infringement request valid, you can get your video taken down.

Aside from removing the video, YouTube also gives you a copyright strike.

Three copyright strikes and you are out! So be very careful.

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