List: Female artists Willy Paul has used to chase clout

Willy Paul had pretend relationships with their artists before they released a song together

Willy Paul is currently dating Jovial
Kenyan artist Willy Paul Willy Paul is currently dating Jovial
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Most people do not even for a second buy that musicians Willy Paul and Jovial are dating, not because they're an odd couple but simply because we've seen this movie before.

The two are being accused of clout chasing to promote a new song that they're about to drop and also there is the big fact that this is not the first time Pozze has pulled such a move in the past.

Below is a list of fellow female artists that Willy Paul has " dated" and then released music with all in an attempt to drive traffic to their release. Then shortly after they're just never seeing together or they simply outright tell us that it was clout.

1) Alaine

Jamaican artiste Alaine and Willy Paul did put up quite a show before they released their wedding hit song " I do" back in 2017.

The song currently has over 31.8 million views on YouTube.


2) Nandy

Singer Nandy
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Shortly after Alaine, then came in Tanzania's heartthrob Nandy.

The two had a rumoured relationship and quite the crazy on-stage performance chemistry.

The two released their hit-song " Njiwa" which currently has over 21.3 million views on YouTube and went on to work on a few other projects together.

3) Avril

Image: Instagram

Willy Paul has surely perfected his art.

Even though this time round Avril did not play into the whole dating thing, Pozze did not let the opportunity pass.

Before the release of their 2020 song, " Coco" Pozze posted a photo openly professing his love for the mother of one maintaining that he has always been in love with her for ages and could no longer keep it to himself.

Their song currently has over 2.7 million views on YouTube

4) Miss P

Kenyan musician Miss P
Image: Instagram

This one was a crazy one, a mad roller coaster if we are being serious.

The two had a pretend relationship that ended with an expose and almost lawsuits with Miss P eventually exiting from Willy Paul's label. 

Their hit song " Liar" currently has over 11.5 million views on YouTube

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