Phone hacks you didn't know about
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Your phone is practically your best friend. I mean you are always with it, it knows all your loved ones and your secrets among so many other things.

And on that note, it is supposed to make your life a whole lot easier especially if you are always on the go.

So here are a few hacks from charging the battery faster to taking a hands-free photo, that you all need to learn and utilize in this new year.

Once you try these secret hacks that promise to make using your smartphone faster, easier, and more effective, I can guarantee you, they will be your new favourite tricks


You don't have the super-fast charger, and you need your phone charged quickly probably have an event to attend or something. Well, worry not, I've got you.

Get this, if you charge your mobile in aeroplane mode your mobile will get charged at a rapidly fast rate than it normally does.

Another hack is if you charge your mobile in air-conditioned room your phone will no undoubtedly yet again, get charged super fast.


So you're out in public and your bestie sends you an urgent voice note... actually make that your boss, say they're giving you pointers on what you're supposed to do.

But sadly you forgot to carry your airpods/ earphones? What do you do?

Well, easy peasy. Turns out if you place your phone near your ear when playing it, the voice note will be played as if you are on a phone call instead of bursting in through your speakers like it normally does. (Or just hold the phone as you normally do when picking up calls then play it, works the same way.)

How annoying is it when you see notification pop up on your phone and you accidentally swipe and delete it? We’ve all been there!

But don’t worry, now there is a way you can retrieve these lost notifications just by simply switching on your ‘notification history’ in settings.

Hope these little details will make your life a lot better and simpler going forward.

Don't believe me? Try them then give us feedback in the comment section below.

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