Sensual masseur Steve Collins defends unorthodox hustle

The masseur gives women massages while they're in birthday suits

Kasarani based masseur Steve Collins defends his work

Trending Kasarani-based masseur Steve Collins is defending his skills and job and labelling those attacking him as jealous haters who wish they had his job.

If you don't know who Mr. Collins is, he is a skilled unorthodox masseur who gives ladies sensual massages while they are in nothing but their birthday suits.

Collins has been facing a lot of criticism in regards to his work with a couple of people (mostly men) highlighting that what the young man does is far from massaging and this has forced him to defend his work in a bid to silence the haters.


Things got so bad that he ended up losing his first Instagram account, however he has started afresh and already has over 24.5k followers.

Speaking in a recent interview, Collins said emphasized that most of the people hating on him are men who envy him and his hustle yet it is his daily bread just like any other job.

"Let me tell you something, wallahi billahi sikulangi stock. And I'm only doing this as a hustle.


Natafuta unga just like the rest of you. Mwache hizo siasa mkonazo. Wanaume nawaelewa ni wivu mkonayo juu mnaona nikifanya kitu mngetaka kufanya, your dream jobs. Poleni." Collins said.

He went on to emphasize that he has learned self control and is not aroused by his clients. He also pointed out that he never sleeps with his clients as opposed to the allegations being peddled online by netizens.

Collins maintained that he just helps his clients relax and stretch and that is it.

"This is a job just like any other. Mwache chuki. I've seen a lot of comments some positive, some negative but mti ikikosa kupigwa mawe haina matunda. Kujeni mnipige," Collins said throwing jabs at his haters.

His page Instagram account was banned after being reported severally by people who don't agree with what he does. Speaking about losing his account the masseur said, "My enemies have finally won and they have reported my main account and it has been permanently banned."

Collins finished off by adding that the hate has actually propelled him to a greater heights as it has helped give him more recognition thus more bookings.

He encouraged men to bring their women to his massage parlour for his signature massages. Collins told them that if they wanted to they could supervise the whole process.

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