5 things that make a song lit

Music can reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure and decrease stress hormone levels

Things that make a song lit
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If music did not exist how would the world heal?

Music tends to do a lot for a person without even them knowing, that is why people listen to sad music when they are sad or upbeat music when they are working out.

On the other hand it is also the reason as to why artists make music according to the current head space they are in.

For instance Taylor Swift and Adele make the most amazing breakup songs, they will have you feeling as if you lost the love of your life when you did not even have one. 

Sauti Sol and Nyashinski be making the best love songs and one will sing there hearts out to a non existent lover. 

NorthShore University Health System says that music can reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure and decrease stress hormone levels.

They continue to say that music can boost the brains production of dopamine that helps reveal the feelings of anxiety and depression.

Here are the 5 things that make a song lit according to the USA Songwriting competition:

1. Melody

This is the tune of the song.

When a song is considered to be catch this means that the melody is memorable.

The reason as to why one might like a song could solely be based on its tune.

2. Beat and Rhythm

This one of the commonest things that makes a song lit in this current generation.

If that song does not make your head move then it is not a banger.

A beat to a song is what makes a listener feel the song, it could be fast or slow.

Music stirs our emotions and the beat is what mostly draws one to the song.

A rhythm is that of the instruments, drums, keyboard or a guitar.   

Find the right guy to put all this in check and one will have a hit song.

3. Genre

People like different types of music from pop, to rock, to country or r&b. 

Depending on which type of genre one likes, that is how they are going to deem a song as a good one or not.

That is where you find a difference with the type of music an oldie will say is good as compared to a gen z.

4. Concept 

The storyline or theme of a song.

Most titles to a song convey the story of the song while the lyrics give a descriptive picture of the theme.

The story within a song is what makes it good. 

Mejja and Boutross are some of the artist that are very well known for using this concept, and this is why they stand out. 

5. Length 

Have you ever wondered why the shorter the song is the more you like it?

Studies done by National Institutes of Health show that short videos slightly tamper with the attention span of a human being.

Could this be the reason why long songs might seem too much?

Currently in the music industry one's songs will be mostly consumed if they range from about 2 minutes to 4 minutes.  

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