Gifts to get friends and family for Eid-al-Fitr

Eid-al-fitr is the ceremony of breaking fast that comes after the end of the Holy month of Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is almost coming to an end and Muslim brothers and sisters are set to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr in joyful acknowledgement of the month.

Eid-al-fitr which is basically the Festival of Breaking Fast is an event that follows the Islamic month of Ramadan which is observed by millions of Muslims around the world.

The month of Ramadan, which takes place in the ninth lunar month of the Islamic calendar, involves fasting in daylight hours, increased worship and a focus on charity.

Ramadan emphasizes love in the community, reflection on ones actions, prayers and closeness to Allah as well as spending time with loved ones.

Many Muslims will skip their customary pastimes throughout the month in favour of trips to the mosque or hosting and attending Iftars (evening meals eaten with other Muslims after the day-long fast).

Following the 29 or 30 days of Ramadan, Eid is one of the most anticipated events in the Islamic calendar.

Muslims celebrate Eid by dressing up in new clothes, for the ladies getting henna, visiting the mosque for morning prayers, and hosting dinner parties where people can indulge in delicious meals after fasting for a month.

It is commemorated by exchanging gifts one can remember or money (known as Eidi/Eidia) with loved ones.

Gift-giving on Eid has become more common in the past few years, but it can still be a challenge to find the perfect present. Unlike Christmas, it isn’t as simple as browsing stores piled high with various gift ideas for everyone

So if you have Muslim friends and you're wondering what to get them after either seeing them fast or joining them for iftar or you want to get your fellow Muslim brother/ sister a something here are a few options:

1) A customized Holy Quran cover

Customized holy Quran cover

2) A customized prayer mat

This is a small carpet used by Muslims to cover the bare ground or floor where they standing on and kneel on when praying.

Different types of prayer mats

3) Yaseen and Tasbih/ misbaha (prayer beads)

Misbaha is a string of prayer beads used by Muslims to help count the various wills of God. It is an aid to perform dhikr, and is used after regular prayer.

Often made of wooden or plastic beads or ivory pearls and sometimes semi-precious stones.

Prayer beads

4) Oud/ bakhoor and oud burner

Oud is a type of fragrance that is burned in most Muslim households, if not all. The intense perfume of oud comes from its bark and resinous wood.

It usually contains an aromatic, warm and rich earthy intense notes of  fragrance.

Different types of oud burners

5) Abaya/Kaftan for the ladies and Thobe/ Jubba for the men

These are traditional decent Muslim outfits that brothers and sisters in faith wear.

Image: A Muslim man wearing a Thobe
A Muslim lady wearing an Abaya

You can also get halal snacks such as dates, chocolates and gourmet meals as well as jewellery, shoes and watches. 

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brother and sisters.

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