Mother's Day
Image: Alex Pasarelu for Unsplash.

Mother's Day was marked worldwide on May 14. This is a day many women look forward to receiving appreciation messages from their men, celebrities included.

Here is a list of famous men who ignored sharing publicly their thoughts and wishes with their baby mamas.

1. Diamond Platnumz

The father of four skipped wishing his mother and baby mamas and was in Lupa Tinga Tinga for a much-publicized performance.

He was received like a hero by adoring fans. He was with Mbosso. Simba did not share any sweet messages even with his mother whom he looks up to.

Perhaps he has changed strategy and is now using his platforms for his career only, and no more drama in his life.

Zari though shared a message about the challenges women face as caregivers, looking after children 24 hours.

Hamisa and Tanasha separately wished themselves a happy Mother's Day, with pictures of their respective children.

2. Samidoh

The Kikuyu singer was in Namanga for a performance as well. He was hitting the grind really hard as fans congratulated him for entertaining them.

The fact that he did not share any public message did not escape the attention of one fan who took him on.

The singer was not going to be bullied and rudely responded to her inquiry about not mentioning his wife or baby mama.

Gal Supper Mary on Facebook asked, "Samidoh cant you wish your wives happy Mother's day surely nikii mani?"

He reacted by asking her why she felt he needed to, "Samidoh Gal Supper Mary are you one of them?πŸ˜‚"

3. Mulamwah

Kendrick Mulamwah is a father of one. He shares a daughter with content creator Carrol Muthoni.

Kendrick did not share a single message with his baby mama. He last shared a post two days ago.

Muthoni Ngether meanwhile had a beautiful caption to celebrate motherhood and one other for her own mother.

Her fans under the photo of baby K noted she is a copyright of the comedian and there is no need for DNA to ascertain any doubt.

4. Blessing Lung'aho

The actor also skipped sharing any messages. The mother of his daughter wished herself a happy Mother's Day.

Questions have been raised about the state of his marriage to Jackie Matubia, but he has not addressed it.

She on the other hand is going ham with TikTok video suggesting all is not well. Her fans are happy that bloggers are focussing on her marriage.

nancykhayira is a fan enjoying the constant attention and wrote, "Unajua kudeal na bloggers aki πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚thanks for creating employment while enjoying your marriage in private 😍"

5. Jimal Roho Safi

The Somali businessman has two baby mamas and did not do anything special for either of them.

His fans questioned him on this but he ignored all queries. He shares two boys with Amira, and a girl with his employee named Michele Wangari Thiongo.