Image: Kelly Sikkema for Unsplash

Everyone has gone through that heartbreak phase with someone and they thought they wouldn't get over it.

So you opted to try out anything just to get them back. A Twitter users took to asking people on Twitter some of the craziest things they have done after a breakup.


Many people came forward to share their hilarious experiences. Out of these experiences shared it seems like breakups can have you even talking to animals.

The time you snap out of it you will realize it was never that serious.

Below are some comments from KOT

@kasoette: I went to the backyard where my sister keeps her 2 goats, sat in front of them, crying and asking them if they've ever felt pain,the goats stopped bleating and paid attention.when I finished they resumed chewing. Then I stood up and told them "thanks for listeningHere are some of the shared experiences:

@Cessbaby7: Visited him unannounced, it was raining heavily and he didn't allow me in. I was already sobbing and begging him then he left me in the rain and closed his door.

@leslingtton: used a sharp object (can't remember what it was) to key the sides of his car and tried to puncture his tyres

@princes_marlin: When i threw a party and invited my ex just to see him and work things out.Nigga came with his new babe to my party

@HG_Collections: Wrote a lot of breakup poems and sent it to all his social media DMs, the Shakespeare in me arose

@lerryhinach: I entered the toilet got on my knees and cried till I couldn’t breathe. When I walked out my mum was like what’s wrong? I told her it’s my period cramps or sometimes I’d be randomly crying when I’m cooking she’d ask me and I’d tell her it’s the onions

@Omoalhaji: Told a friend of mine to chat her up and tell her that i collapsed cause I haven’t been eating and they have taken me to the hospitali knew that was the only way she could talk to me cause she doesn’t like seeing me sick Things breakfast go make you do ehn

@kasoette: I actually did two things...on my way back from work in the evening didn't want to go home so I sat by the road not too far from a mad man and I was crying...the man just stood up and left