Explore the world with Villa Rosa Kempinski's Tour de Brunch

The restaurant has introduced a new experience with the launch of its new brunch experience

Villa Rosa Kempinski brunch table

Calling all food enthusiasts and brunch lovers in Nairobi! Villa Rosa Kempinski, nestled in the heart of Kenya's vibrant capital, is turning up the culinary excitement with the launch of its much-anticipated new brunch menu.

It's a new dawn and Nairobi hoteliers are beautifully embracing it!

Brunch has become a big deal in Nairobi with restaurants offering a space where people can enjoy light breakfast options and hearty full meals usually set aside for lunch/dinner almost all day.


And now, Villa Rosa just joined the list  of hotels offering the delectable journey, only difference is Kempinski's brunch is a culinary across the globe experience.

I had the distinct honour of attending the first edition Tour de Brunch at the hotel and when I tell you the experience was beyond what I'd envisioned I kid you not.

With its unparalleled commitment to culinary excellence, Kempinski has left no stone upturned in curating an exquisite brunch menu that caters to all palates.


Featuring a delectable selection of international and local flavors, guests can embark on a culinary extravaganza that transcends borders and embraces diversity.


Just as their Sunday brunch name suggests, their brunch is a journey across the world.

They have a bunch of stations that explore Kenyan, Middle Eastern, Italian, Asian, as well as stations tailored for sea food lovers, cheese lovers and wheat enthusiasts among others.

But the best part of it all is their dessert room! I was literally like a fat kid in a candy shop.

Yes, they have a whole dessert room filled with all the sweet delicacies you can think of.

THe dessert room at Villa Rosa Kempinski
A plate of sweet treats from Villa Rosa Kempinski's dessert room

From tantalizing appetizers to sumptuous mains, and mouthwatering desserts, every dish on the menu reflects the mastery of the hotel's Executive Chef, Andreas Mensch and his team.

Besides food, the brunch offers a gateway to unlimited soft and alcoholic drinks. From still water to a classy glass of Proseco! You name it.

And just like the food stations, the open bar area has different mixologist stationed to deliver the best cocktails infused with your drink of choice. There is literally a station for gin, vodka and whisky lovers, one is totally spoiled for choice.

The best part about Kempinski's brunch is the fact that it's open to kids as well. The hotel has taken special care to ensure that families who want to enjoy a chill Sunday but have kids don't feel alienated.

Just like the dessert room, kids have a whole entertainment area totally dedicated to them.

The room has fun activities such as face painting, interactive games with a fun character dressed up as a clown, and a range of other engaging activities.

A delectable sushi plate

From gourmet delicacies to delightful sips, the Villa Rosa Kempinski's new brunch menu is set to elevate Nairobi's brunch scene to new heights.

So, don your most sophisticated attire, call the girls or get the family ready and get ready to indulge in a gastronomic adventure like never before!

Ooh and did I mention there is a live band/DJ entertaining you with smooth jazz and mellow music as you dine? Well, now you know.

Kempinski will be holding its brunch on the first Sunday of the every month from 12.30pm – 4.30 pm at the Café Villa Rosa Restaurant & Balcony Bar.

Charges are only Sh.6,500 per person, under 6-year-old kids dine on complimentary while kids aged between 6 to 12 years pay only 50% of the stated price.

There is also a Sh.2,500 charge for unlimited alcohol of your choosing.

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