35 and still single, is it a red flag? Netizens debate

Netizens had a field day with this poll that ran on Mpasho's Instagram page and boy were the arguments wild!

A couple out on a date
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Is it a red flag if a man or a lady is still single at the age of 35 going upwards? 

Netizens had a field day with this poll that ran on Mpasho's Instagram page and boy were the arguments wild!

Some noted that dating and marriage in this era were a little bit difficult as the dynamic of most things had changed while others deeply agreed it was worrying for someone to have been in the universe for that long and still have no partner;

A few of the Instagram users noted on several occasions if someone age 35+ was still single they were most definitely the problem, maintaining it was a clear red flag.

Forget the whole hullabaloo about biological clocks, is there really a time limit to finding love and settling down considering the fact that the human brain is fully formed by age 25? 

Here are a few comments from netizens sharing their two cents on the matter;

Wahome_dk: Yes it is. But let's go up a bit. Maybe 37. You can romanticize about it with sijui, "career", "masomo", " personal choices" blah blah blah....but in reality, iko shida kidogo.

Evan_mk: That flag so red its giving China

Nonniekabz: Kuolewa wen ur below 35 ndio red flag mambo ni after 45....

Mo_unique_njoroge: its not a red flag...its a choice. Peaceful one indeed๐Ÿ™Œ

Rodney.mgk: The question is, izo miaka zote ulikuwa wapi na ukifanya nini ndo bado ukue single. Red flag imo

beryne.o: Kwani hii 35 ina nini? why victimize a person because of their age, everyone has their pace in life as long as they are happy ๐Ÿคท

i_am_kanyi6: Mimi for a lady from 27 ni red flag๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Igoparaocha: It's definitely not a red flag, marriage is a blessing from God when you are ready both mentally and spiritually.... I'm a Nigerian and this is our belief. Marriage is encouraged when you are ready for it. Marriage is not a mere relationship, marriage is a commitment to one another

Rita_Kavata: nobody is single nowadays, bt if any 35 yrs is already expired nt even a red flag

Ellymagero: We will marry at 40, the system never favoured us since we left the village.

473268u: yesssssssss Sir, Big red flag, it means you are the problem, ..

Sospii: Hio si a flag ata hio ni the whole scout and flag post

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