'Mommas boys are a red flag,' Huddah Monroe shouts

Huddah highlighted that moms close to their sons will always be in a competition with any other lady in his life

advises ladies not to date mommas boys
Huddah Monroe. advises ladies not to date mommas boys
Image: Instagram

Socialite Huddah Monroe is on a rant about how Momma's boys are the worst type of men to date.

Backing up her argument, Monroe shared an old video of Burna Boy hanging out with his mom, who is clearly seen acting more like a girlfriend than a mother - she's all over her son.

"This is a hard man to date," stated the beauty mogul.

She went on to add, "When his mom is so into her son like this, just forget it. Your marriage will never work."

Huddah went on to narrate how a close friend of hers confided in her that her marriage failed because her man and his mom were super close.

"One of my best friends told me this after her marriage went downhill, she said "the best African man to marry is the one whose mother is not alive.

Or whose mother is still married and busy with her husband. The rest will be competing with you"

And no lies were told." Huddah wrote on her Insta-stories.

Emphasizing that mothers who have a good relationship with their sons will always be jealous of any other lady in their sons' lives. And on top of that mommas, boys are useless are they are used to having all their whims met.

"Most momma's boys are very useless men to date, especially the ones whose mothers are alone. 

Don't waste your time my sisters 

She is there until the end of time, the son will only really settle when she is no more or she finds another husband." Huddah advised.

The entrepreneur asked ladies to always be weary of such men and not assume that they will treat them well because he is close with his mom. According to her, that in itself should be a red flag.

Huddah went ahead to quote the Bible in a bid to defend her sentiments.

"Number one red flag when you meet a guy is that fully grown man who stays on phone for hours with mummy lol!  Like WTF?

"Even the Bible says Man shall leave his father and mother and be with his wife and become one flesh. 

Get the hell out of that relationship!" Finished off the global trotting socialite.

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