Weight lifting is an excellent way to build muscle mass and tone your body and over time and age prevents your body from losing muscle.

Safety comes first whether you lift weights for general fitness, to train for sports  or for competition as when done wrongly can cause serious injury or even death.

Like most things human beings practice, weightlifting has its demerits.


They include:

joint pains illustration

1. Joint failures and Pains

Joint problems are a common side effect of excess weightlifting, which leads to the joints of your skeleton suffering severe problems.

These include joint pain and wearing down of joint bones which can cause  permanent damage if not taken care of immediately.

Best way to avoid over-exercising is by having a gym trainer and monitor  the amount of exercises you do. 

2. Heart Problems

Indulging in extreme workouts can lead to one having heart problems .

High amounts strain causes  the heart has to pump blood more blood to the organ to keep them oxygenated.

This makes the heart to wear down and make you liable to heart strokes or attacks. 

3. Reddish or Dark Colored Urine

Despite adequate consumption of water, change in color in your urine might suggest that your workout routine is pushing your body far beyong the recommended and safe level.

This condition is called ' rhabdomyolysis' where substances in your body like blood may leak into your bladder from the damage and torn tissues of the muscle or organs.

This condition can lead to kidney problems and in extreme cases kidney failure.

4. Aches and Body pain.

In the beginning of the work out it hurts and aches all over as the muscles are pushed to the point where microscopic tears are created in them.

When you workout excessively and don't allow your muscles to heal in time properly and completely, leads to prolonged soreness and muscle pain all over the body.

The pain can make you fell defeated and sore and can put you in rather a lousy mental state.

If you persist in the excess regime exercises despite the pains  you may develop a problem in your muscular and skeletal system in the future and might need medical attention to cope up for the muscle loss and bone integrity.

5. Poor Mental Health and Sleeplessness

If a person is getting more than 7.5 hours  of exercise a week , then they're exposed to the risk of having anxiety and depression .

Over  workouts  can cause your mental health to break down leading you o feel a sense of hopelessness and failure.

Due to overexertion during gym sessions , the overworking can leave you to being unable to calm down and sleep . 

Nights become frustrating and restless and sleep becomes distributed and erratic.

6. Decreased Performance and Low Energy.

Overworking your body past its  limits , leads to your performance dropping considerably in aerobic exercises like swimming and running.

This causes one to feel fatigued for the rest of the day and can cause you to lose concentration in your day to day chores and tasks.