Nyota Ndogo

Nyota Ndogo is an exceptional artiste who has been through so much to make sure her music is heard and the message delivered. She been in the industry for years now and her name has become a brand.


The Mombasa-based artiste was the talk of the town last year when she got married to her Mzungu husband. But what was quite disturbing to many people was her makeup, which was not professionally applied. But, later on, addressed the issue and admitted she also wasn’t happy with her make up.

Ametoka Mbali! Nyota Ndogo Reminisces About Her Days As a Househelp (Photo)

Just like any artiste, Nyota Ndogo also had her own fair share of struggles before she became successful in her music career. She has gone ahead to reveal what she actually did right before her music career picked up, even showing where exactly she slept, trying to make ends meet.


She expressed, Nilianzia hapa. niliuza viazi karai mahabri kila siku hasubui jioni naenda kuimba na band. MUNGU siwezi kusahau uliponitoa.”

This is where she slept every night;

nyota bed