Growing up was a scam, Oga Obinna

How life turns out for people regardless of hard work or not

Obinna with Kwambox.
Image: Instagram

Morning kiss were at it again on todays show looking at how peoples lives turns out different according to ones background. 

This came up after Risper Faith disclosed that she got a C plain in her KCSE but now she in her bag all due to her bum.

For Obinna all she needed was a "big number plate" to get out of the hood. 

Risper was able to get a good lifestyle out of her husband, Brian.

This is the perfect definition of "die for nyash" 

Kwambox reminisced over how when some of us were still kids our parents would mostly tell us to work hard, be ambitious and that that was the only way to get on top of the game. 

But is it?

"We really had different childhoods me I was told to work hard so I can get what I want," said Kwambox.

According to Obinna most ladies who are driving big cars and are living the high life are hard workers... in the bedroom.

For him all a lady has to do today is find a big man and be at the right place at the right time. 

On the other had a boy child needs to work hard to get that big house in Kitisuru, to be able to afford that jet and that luxurious lifestyle.  

"Growing up was a scam," Obinna concluded. 

Kwambox believes that some of these ladies work hard too achieve all that they have.

Not every woman driving a big car, living in a big house, travelling every other weekend has someone catering for her finances. 

She finished off by painting a scenario where one might have a child and is teaching them that putting in the work is the way to go.

This is so that they can be able to afford the things they want in life and some people are out there making it without doing all this. 

But get your bag mama.

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