Kenyans drink too much alcohol! Concerned Kwambox says

People expects alcohol when they go to a party.

Kwambox and Oga Obinna
Image: courtesy

Today morning Obinna and Kwambox were very concerned with the rate at which alcohol consumption is rising.   

The question they asked was, "Pombe and sherehe can they go without each other?"

Kwambox wondered why on almost every occasion one cannot go without intoxication. 


Everyone expects liquor when they go to a party.  

"Nani huenda sherehe haina pombe?"

Obinna brought back a memory where our parents used to party with nyama choma and other goodies but barely any alcohol was in sight.


This is a new era. 

"We have an upward trend where most men are getting into alcohol," he said.

The man even came with statistics where Nairobi county is leading in alcohol consumption, with the Western region closely following behind and Rift Valley coming in third.

Where are we heading to?

Kwambox does not think it is possible for a party to happen without liquor considering all the pressure that is happening nowadays. 

"I've gone to birthday parties and there is more alcohol than cake," she explained. 

She then went on a long exposition of how much Kenyans drink, saying,

"Drinking has now become the main source of entertainment. You get stressed, pombe.

You get a job promotion, pombe. Advertisements are full of pombe. Gender reveal party, pombe. A child turned a year older, pombe.  Even in church, we drink alcohol."

For her there is so much availability of alcoholic drinks and the peer pressure for it does not make it any easier.  

Other countries have access to it but they do not consume it as much as Kenyans do.

According to most callers, parties cannot happen without liquor, "Si possible."

"Mbiguni hakuna pombe ndio mana tunakunywa pombe" Iyanii said in a popular song.

What bothered Obinna was what could be the cause of the high rate of drinking?

"What do you think is the source and how do you solve it?" he asked.

He does not understand how there are people who drink every other day of the week and they do not see it as a problem.

Alcohol should not be something you drink all the time it should be occasional, he advised. 

You have to drink in moderation and in a controlled environment.  If you drink all the time when do you even find time for yourself?

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