Obinna and Kwambox disagree on the appropriate way to call a watchman

The way Kenyans are currently refer to watchmen is seen to be demeaning

Kwambox and Obinna
Image: Instagram

Today morning Kwambox and Obinna addressed the issue of what is the most appropriate way to refer to a watchman or a maid.

To start off Obinna was confused with why when you call them these particular names they get infuriated. 

"Why is it when you call a watchman a watchman they get mad, ati they want to be called soldiers, same case for maids, why do they get mad?" asked Obinna.


Kwambox reminded him that when people were younger they would refer to them with better names, such as aunty which was more respectful.  

"In fact when we were growing up we would call them aunty," she stated.

With this conversation going back and forth, the duo decided to open it up to the public to get Kenyans' point of view. 


"What is the best way to call a watchman and a maid?" Obinna asked.

He continued sharing that a watchman and a maid are not the only ones who do not want to go by these names. 

A policeman does not also want to be called "afande".

As this was still shocking Obinna, Kwambox tried to bring it a little close to home for him. 

"There some terminologies we use that are really demeaning, call them manager or by their name," she explained. 

The term "manager" was what took Obinna out, the man found this one to be hilarious. 

The beautiful host tried to give a different perspective to bring forth more understanding.

"How do you call Chinese people?" she questioned. 

I kid you, not the man said "chinku" 

This got Kwambox curious on how Obinna refers to Nigerians, to which he replied "yahoo boys".

She tried to explain that addressing them in such ways was not okay the same way Kenyans would not want to be addressed in a certain way.    

"If Chinese people have a way to call Kenyans would you be happy?" she asked him. 

This is where Obinna started narrating about a friend of his who had a Maasai watchman.

The friend told his watchman when it gets 9 pm he should not open the gate for anyone.

On a certain day, the friend came back at 11 pm and the watchman did not let him in.

His reason was he was told not to open for anyone, and this apparently applied to his employer too, talk about following orders.    

Obinna feels that calling a watchman a watchman is applicable. 

"Is there a problem calling a watchman a watchman? Watchman is a name, its a title," he voiced.

Given that the conversation was open to the public, one of the callers who has previously worked as a watchman, going by the name Richard shared that Kenyans should call an askari "Askari Rungu".

Obinna thinks that for one to be called a soldier they need to have experienced training.

"The way you are moving you will be opening the gate for yourself," Kwambox warned.

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