Kwambox and Obinna
Image: Instagram

Obinna on the Kikao segment on the Morning Kiss tackled a case of a woman who vowed never to forgive her baby's dad.

"He is making progress in life but doesn't want me to do anything. For me, it's like am being watched. He doesn't want me to do my thing."

The listener said she had split with the man only for him to control her life.


"I had to quit my job because he'd send me videos of my child crying while I was at work to make me feel guilty, we have a child with special needs."

The listener went on to tell Obinna that she had been fed up as everything she does did not sit well with her baby daddy.

"I didn't have the freedom to do anything. I told him I'll look for another job and he refused I don't understand how he wants me to live. The level it had reached is I was not able to do anything without his permission."


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