Boutross: I don't think there's any celeb who can refuse to do a collabo with me

The musician also spoke on how he got on hit song 'Ndovu Kuu'

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Today morning Boutross Munene dropped the remix to the song "Angela" exclusively on morning Kiss.

To start off he explained how the hit "Story Ilianza" came to be.

The rapper had gone to the club at the wrong place and it got him into trouble.


After this experience, he had to learn how to protect himself.

He got more disciplined and any time he wants to drink himself away, he does it at his house.

"Back then I did not have a strategy, I would just wing it but right now as a brand I have my security around me," said Boutross.


There is no Kenyan artist he has ever reached out to, to do a collaboration and they turned him down. 

"I don't think there is someone who can tell me no, but I've been told no before (Sic). I think I would do a song with any Kenyan artist."

On the other hand, when it comes to him he does turn down mediocre songs.

"Especially when artists approach me and then they ask me how much I charge for a feature and then they can't meet it, if you can't meet it why were you asking?" he ranted. 

He went ahead to say he does not do certain collaborations if he is not paid, but if he likes your vibe, has the same interest as you or likes you as an artist, he does not mind producing a track.  

Moving on the rapper explained how the song "Ndovu Ni Kuu" was created. 

He credited it to his manager, Musau Mumo because the man is good at noticing great hits. 

His manager shared with him that there was a song trending on TikTok. Buti watched the video and he loved the song. 

"Down the line, Musau organized a session, I didn't even know Krispah at that time but then we spoke and did the track," he explained.

The rapper closed off by saying that the original song only had the two of them, which is why the hit has two of his verses.  

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