Kwambox and Obinna
Image: Instagram

Today morning Obinna was vexed on why ladies want to be picked up or dropped off at home when they live in the middle of nowhere.

He explained a situation of a friend that angered him. One of his friends went to pick up a babe that surprisingly lives very far.


"I'm very mad because a friend of mine went through this situation. How do you ask someone to pick you and you live in the middle of anywhere," Obinna ranted.

He continued to explain how one will go all the way to pick a lady up in a location that was initially provided for her to only say its a little further ahead.

“You go inside of Syokimau, umesoma jina zote za Africa had zimeisha, you follow the road until there is no more tarmac. The map even tells you you have arrived and then she tells you take the next right,” he said.

Obinna continued to narrate how she continued providing directions with a little seasoning of “you are almost there”.

When the map lady finishes her job she takes over. Having the girl child’s back, Kwambox voiced that it could be the current weather that makes the situation tougher than it seems.


She went ahead to say if you are the reason she is stepping out of her house, why not pick her up.

“If I'm coming to hang out with you, you need to cater for me,“ she mentioned.

Kwambox also explained that she has a nduthi guy that picks her up from her home when necessary.

Obinna still objected stating that if one knows they live far, they should find a way to get to the meeting place.

“These things no, we meet at town. Tafadhali, find a way to get you to town. Be like Miley Cyrus, by yourself flowers,” Obinna replied.

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