Obinna and Chito disagree on loyalty testing one's bae

One will do what they want to do regardless

Obinna and Chito
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Today's hosts for morning Kiss, Chito, and Obinna had a little disagreement on the question of testing a partner's loyalty. 

Obinna first posed a question to the public asking Kenyans if they would send someone to test their bae's loyalty.   

"Would you test the loyalty of your partner by sending a friend or a brother?" 


Chito, the man of wisdom, would not go above and beyond to check if their partner is his or if he is in the relationship by himself. 

"Me I don't read messages on the phone, that is beneath me, the thing for me is if we have made a commitment and you decide to destroy it that is not on me it is on you," he said. 

He continued to say that as a man he will do his part by doing everything right, being faithful, and honouring their person. 


"Wauuu, we have lost another man, you really think being a man and doing what is right in a relationship will stop her from cheating?" Obinna asked shockingly.   

On the other hand, Obinna would test the faithfulness of his person, better for him to know than to be in the dark. 

What you do not know does not hurt you did not apply to him.

Chito then told Obinna that one cannot start a relationship with one foot in, as it was the wrong way to begin.  

For Chito, this is the reason why most relationships are not working, because people are already suspecting each other. 

When the conversation was opened to the public, a lady caller shared her sentiments about loyalty tests.  

She would not send a friend or check her person's phone.

The lady shared that one will do what they want to do regardless, if the man loves her it is fine, and if he does not, thank you, next. 

"We are too old to be chasing people, if they cheat they cheat," she said.  

Chito agreed with her saying there is no need to follow your partner around to see if they are doing the wrong thing.

He continued to say if you happen to find out they are cheating you just move on, mambo ni mengi, masaa ni machache. 

Obinna did not agree with this either, if you cannot be able to find out if your person is loyal how will you keep yourself safe?

"That is how you people catch diseases," he concluded.

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