Hope Kid: This is why Willy Paul 'backslid'

He is content with being a gospel musician

Hope Kid
Image: Instagram

Today at morning kiss the gospel artist, Hope Kid dropped his new single "Thankful" featuring Guardian Angel.  

When he started off in his music career he would sing about God but recently most of his songs have been about love.

Obinna questioned him wanting to know if he is planning on transitioning. 


"Siwezi acha injili, saa hizi tumebaki watatu," Hope Kid said.   

He continued to explain that overtime people get tired of not making enough money from the genre, ni blessings tu, but there is an advantage to it. 

"The advantage of being a gospel artist is that I can sing anywhere, as a secular artist can't." 


He went ahead to share how growing up in a church-based home limited them to experience the other side of life. 

"Most of us grew up in church and we were held accountable for everything.

Now when we grow up we realize there is a stage we skipped because we did not experience the other side, what we are preaching against, that is why most backside like Willy Paul." 

Hope Kid then said that the ones who crossed over from the other side will not easily backside because they already have that experience, the likes of Size 8.  

He is content with being a gospel musician and does not look forward to experiencing the other side. 

Apart from being an artist, he does a number of other things which he got into during the covid period.  

"I write tv shows, and commercials, I'm a businessman and I work with an NGO."

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