'No one had Herpes!' Hope Kid clarifies about messy scandal

It was hard for him to get back into the music game

Hope Kid
Image: Instagram

Obinna and Kwambox had the pleasure of meeting the gospel musician, Hope Kid, who cleared the air about his scandal with DK Kwenye Beat. 

In 2019 Hope Kid and DK were accused by a lady from Nakuru of having infected her with herpes after a sexual escapade.

"There was no one with herpes it was a cooked-up story," he said. 


He went ahead to explain that it was something that got exaggerated to the point that the two artists had to step down from their work.

Hope Kid left the issue to his lawyers for them to deal with it in a legal manner as well as his bishop.  

He shared that a test was taken later on after the incident and it came back negative for both him and DK.  


"I wish I was like Willy Paul that day because I would have posted that Nakuru girl and say, this is the one trying to destroy our lives, but when you have high authority you have to do things differently," explained Hope Kid.

He also mentioned how it was hard for him to get back into the music game considering the backlash he experienced.

"For me, it was hard staying indoors, you don't have gigs and people are depending on you."

He continued to say that he would go to church to perform and would get chased away, which is why he had to learn how to do other things to make a living. 

His advice to someone who is going through a tough time is to always trust in God.

"Belief in God, he gets you out of situations that people can't get you out of."

Hope Kid then finished off by saying people talk to their friends about their problems and they said friends talk to other friends about their problems. 

"Many are our plans but God is the leader."

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