Obinna and Kwambox debate famous massage therapist giving men nightmares

That is why all of a sudden they have unnecessary neck and back pains

Kwambox and Obinna
Image: Instagram

Today morning the hosts for the Morning Kiss discussed whether they would let their partners go for a massage.  

Obinna started off by explaining that a man going by the name Steve had gone viral for giving the best massages in town. 

"Before you meet Steve you are very inflexible, after you meet him you can do a split," said Kwambox. 


She went on to say that the masseur does not cater to men because they tend to be a little touchy. 

This surprised Kwambox as she did not expect men would be the ones frustrating the guy. 

"Steve says that men ask for way too much than he can offer, and I'm like seriously guys anywhere you can get it you get it?" 


Obinna continued sharing that the masseur does not give happy endings.

He also said that he would not let his babe get a massage from another man. 

"I would never ever allow the woman I love to go for a massage with a man, these people have training. For massage people, they know where to touch and how to touch, even if she was not planning to cheat she is already thinking about it."

He continues to say that your person may not cheat that day but with progression, it is bound to happen.

That is why all of a sudden they have unnecessary neck and back pains.

Obinna then mentioned to Kwambox that at the barber shops, they get massaged by women, which is why men keep on going there. 

Kwambox then decided that she wants to learn how to shave hair because Obinna disclosed to her that men take off their shirts to get the massage done at barber shops.

The duo came to the conclusion that massage parlors are a no for their partners, they will do it themselves.   

Would you allow your person to be massaged by someone of the opposite sex?

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