Obinna discloses sad way he lost Ksh 35K last month

The money was for paying a video vixen

Oga Obinna
Image: Instagram

The co-host of Kiss morning show, Obinna shared how he once sent money to the wrong person never to see it again.

He disclosed this after an incident happened where a man by the name of Carston received Ksh 29K on his phone and went away with it.    

"If 29K lands on your phone when you were not expecting any, what will you do?" asked Kwambox.


Obinna then disclosed how he has ever lost Ksh 35K by sending it to the wrong person and never got it back.

He explained that the money was for paying a video vixen for a music video they were recording.

The lady contacted him the following evening stating that she had not received the money yet.  


When he called the number that received the money he was glad to hear that the person was reachable. 

"Calling the number there was a ringback tone of a gospel song and it was a mama from Nyandarua," Obinna said.  

He then explained to her that the money received was intended for someone else and requested to get it transferred back. 

The mama on the other end said that she was currently held up in a soko and would do as he asks once she got home.  It seems like she never got home. 

Obinna also mentioned that the situation happened less than a month ago.

While he was doing his calculations, he realized that he would have spent just about the same amount to get it back, so he chose to forgive. 

"I wanted to deal with her but sometimes you get to a point in life you are just like 'okay'."

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