Kwambox and Chitoin the Kiss FM Studios

Chito Ndlovu and Sheila Kwambox's morning show today was a blast as the duo spoke about the rules of modern dating.

Most celebrities post about their partners for us to know wako na watu.

Vera is one of the recent celebrities who gave us a taste of her newest bae in town, showing a glimpse of his hands and veins then she finally showed off his face. 


Another celebrity who has incredible self-control is Moji Short Baba who said that he posted his wife after about 2 years of dating.

This is what brought us to the question of the day... "When is the right time to begin posting your bae?"

It seems like Kenyans are not easy with this one, no one is openly accepting to post their bae's.


Here are some of the listener's opinions;

Stephen Mwendwa:I feel that it should come from the heart and no one should coerce you into posting him or her.

Luziana Melanie: There is no best time for baby posting,,,that's risking.

Lillian M. Mandu:  FollowManage your excitement of the need to postDating is the "checking out phase". Very risky! Wait until you've fully secured territory with a stamp of approval, then you can if you must.

Møh Maureen Abijah: Immediately you don't want to be dating ule ambaye ni WA wenyewe... Wasting time.

Dancehall Icon Harun: There's never the right time you know,,,,,we neveeeeeer post we ebuvmpoa wako utastuka si ww peke unakagua sahani.

Cyrus Cr'n Ochieng:Mambo ya kumpost ziiiiii juu ukimpost utakuwa umejifunga mwenyewe.

Isaac Toroitich: Don't dare bure kutakuramba n u will explain to us what happened! 

Gakii Linet: I would never post him at all circumstances.....posting him will only open doors to you Losing him

Otinya Konshens Jonathan: Posting your bae doesn't mean that you love her it is just for fun because I have a lot of baes who need to be posted  i have been posted so much but me I just posted once a year past my greetings to.

Memoi Ascar: Usijaribu don't dare.