Kwambox Kwambox
Image: Instagram

On today's morning Kiss, Kwambox discussed the topic of human-wildlife conflict that has been an ever-present concern for Kenyans who live near parks or wildlife reserves.

She started by speaking about a certain landlady whose business has been affected by baboons on her properties.

"She's been fighting one enemy for the past 30 years and she's asking the government for help.


She's been fighting monkeys and baboons. Shida is that she has 22 units for rent. They can't even be rented. She's struggling...This has become such a menace.

Apparently, a tenant of hers was chased by a baboon and broke her hand,"

She then went on to explain her reason for broaching the topic and said,


"The reason I'm asking this is that I recently heard the president promising Kenyans various amounts of money if they were involved in human-wildlife conflict.

I want to ask Kenyans. For real, would you let an animal maul you so that you can get the millions the president promised?"

Watch the clip below: