Sheila Kwambox with Chito Ndlovu.
Image: Instagram

On today's morning Kiss, Chito brought up an interesting topic on whether an average Kenyan would ever date a celeb.

"And this lady who was being blasted about why she was with Davido.

She later came out to say that at the time she knew him, he wasn't with his wife. That Davido just had a baby mama," he started.


"She then goes on to talk about, 'We just friends, I'm just styling him.' Then why did you tell us about your baby mama? But anyway...


It's seemingly a thing about dating celebs. Achana na DJ! Achana na radio presenter! Hao ni moto ya kuotea mbali.

It got us thinking today. Would you date someone in the limelight?" he asked fans before asking Kwambox directly.


She then vehemently refused to even consider dating a celeb and said it would be a bad idea.

"Are you asking me? I don't think so. I don't think in my right mind I would date someone who...Especially DJ. Kwani I want heartreak? Actor, musician, and TV personality. Forget it."


Watch the clip below: