Molo MP Kuria Kimani: Kiss FM is my go-to station

"Last parliament I think I was the 2nd youngest MP, vied for the first time and won," the politician told the morning Kiss hosts.

Kwambox and Chito
Image: Instagram

Kiss FM morning presenters Chito Ndhlovu and Kwambox today had the pleasure of hosting Molo's Member of Parliament, Kuria Kimani who got candid about his reelection and a few things he adores about his constituency.

"It is my first time being at Kiss FM and it is a delight because I am one of your greatest fans. Every time when I'm going to work or when travelling to the constituency it is my go-to station," Honourable Kuria Kimani said.

"Sorry I have to actually ask, what is Molo known for? Milk or?" Kwambox asked leading to the studio bursting into hearty laughter.


"Some of the things we are greatly known for are our potatoes, next time you are munching on fries here in Nairobi keep in mind there are probably from there," the politician stated before sharing a humble brag.

"We also have one of the best school's in the country, St.Andrews Turi. In fact, my house is just next to the school," the MP added, receiving praise from Kwambox and Chito.

The Molo member of parliament (MP) who got reelected during the 2022 general elections went on to recount how the first time he ran for a political seat back in 2017 at just 28 years old he won with a landslide.


"Last parliament I think I was the 2nd youngest MP, vied for the first time and won. And for the last 30-years, Molo has never reelected a Member of Parliament but I got reelected without a hustle.

The first 5 years I served well and that is why my reelection was smooth," Kuria added as he went on to highlight that he speaks multiple local dialects which makes him a favourite among the people.

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