Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

Yesterday during the Drive Show, Dj Xclusive spoke about MC Gogo and the women who have been admiring him.

Xclusive said Mc Gogo’s story about secret admirers takes him back to the days when he was a youth and he was also been hit on by women.

According to Xclusive, the entertainer has made a name for himself as an MC whose delivery style is so different but so fun and engaging for his audience.


Talking about female fans and admirers, Gogo said their are very old women who are pressuring and trying to be with him.

Some also trying to gift him and fake gigs for the sake of just meeting him one on one in their houses.

“But you see that’s why you need a manager, number one you are never supposed to give people easy access to you, I can understand when you are on stage and female fans want to take a picture and be close to you." Mwalimu Rachel said.

"But when it’s a matter of booking events your manager should do it."


Xclusive narrates that he went through the same when he was a youth and it wasn’t easy for him.

“You know you do not understand I went through the same thing.” Xclusive said.

Mwalimu Rachel dissed him telling him to shut up in a funny way, that no woman would hit on him since he is so big physically and women want small boys.

“Unasema hakuna Mumama anaeza nitaka?? A Nigerian woman alikuwa na miaka 47 alikuwa ananitaka.” Xclusive said.

Xclussive defended himself by saying during those days he was nice looking and small physically as compared to now.

Mc Gogo’s story has brought a question of, how many young men have been hit on by older women claiming to have had a crush on them?

“Wamama siku hizi ni wamoto manzee!!” A fan said on Mc Gogo’s socials.