Kerry Martin and Kwambox
Image: courtesy

On today’s morning show, Kwambox and Kerry spoke about cheating partners and the tactics people use while cheating.

This is as per a voice note they played during the show.

Hi Kwambox and Kerry hide my ID, so there is this guy who we have been dating for the past year and he’s been cheating on me and the funny thing is the girl he is cheating on me with we do communicate na hadi huniambia like when he goes to his way matches,” the girl from the voice note said.

“The girl is like leo ako kwangu when he comes to my place I call the other girl, unajua sasa story ni he thinks he is so wise ama like he is cheating on me and am not aware but tutajua ni kama sisi ndo tunamcheat cause we know the story of what is going on, yah but hide my ID I mean guys ni sisi ndo tunadrive hii game yah.”

After listening to the voice note Kwambox was surprised and said she had so many questions puzzling in her mind.

Kwambox said they can neither advise the listeners nor judge them in any way so they should keep on texting and give their opinions and stories.