Kwambox and Kerry Martin

Kwambox and Kerry aired out their opinions on workplace relationships after they came across a voice note that talked about a bridesmaid having an affair with the groom without the bride knowing.

“This lady amefunguka letting us know that her boyfriend is getting married and amekubali matokeo, she’s even going to attend the wedding na atakuja na gifts right, do you think they are still in this relationship?? she doesn’t sound as if she’s let go,” Kwambox said.

 According to Kerry, the woman and the groom are still in a relationship and also they are workmates.

“So me one thing I say bana, office boyfriends, office husbands, office wives and office girlfriends, like you have to ogopa kabisa inaanzanga hivi office girlfriend to office wife na kabla ifike wife hapo hivo tu jua it’s more than just sharing lunch,” Kerry said.

According to Kwambox when she saw this story, it got to her attention that someone could be having a wedding and one of the guests is the groom’s girlfriend and the so called girlfriend has the audacity to also bring gifts.