Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive
Image: KISS FM

On the drive show with Mwaimu Rachel and Xclusive they discussed Willy Paul’s celibacy journey aimed at making his Album succeed.

“Willy Paul who has been working on his album ambayo ishatoka, which is doing very well anasema from when he started working on his album akaamua kuwa celibate na anasema part of the success of this album is because he decided to be celibate and stay without,” Xclusive said.

According to Mwalimu Rachel, it is science that chemicals released during sex have a lot of testosterone and therefore it helps if a man is celibate.

She says those on a celibacy journey can remain focused and productive.

Xclusive then went and asked Mwalimu Rachel whether she had ever tried it.

In response to the question asked Mwalimu said “The week before we came here, sitaki mchezo, sitaki destructions, usinismilie mwanaume wewe, because you are going to be the pitfall, you are going to be the stumbling block so that I fail in my assignment and then nipoteze kazi weeh,”