Sheryl Gabriella clarifies on rumors of dating Kabugi

On today’s morning show with Kwambox and Kerry, they hosted Sheryl Gabriella who cleared the air on trending rumors that she is dating Kabugi.

According to Kwambox bloggers can very pestering.

Kerry went on and asked Sheryl how she feels when people are constantly asking about whether she is dating Kabugi.

In response to Kerry’s question, Sheryl said “I don’t blame them, we have this really beautiful chemistry on social media with Kabugi, he is the one person who we’ve actually clicked when tunafanya kazi pamoja.”

“And I don’t blame the fans for wanting something to happen, I don’t blame them but we are not there, me and Kabugi are not there. We are just good friends and colleagues.”

Kerry posed another question asking if it has ever reached a point when they feel they have to date due to the pressure from their fans.

“Naah, maybe we have different types,” Sheryl responded.

Kwambox also asked Sheryl whether she was dating the mzungu she was seen with on social media and Sheryl said she wasn’t in any kind of relationship with him.