Kwambox and Kerry Martin

Today on the Morning Kiss, Kerry Martin and Kwambox aired an audio of a lady who claimed that her ex-boyfriend wants her back because he is broke and has nowhere to go.

“First of all I know he is just looking for me juu hana place ya kulala, he is preferably homeless somewhere in the streets of Nairobi, he just wants somewhere he can sleep, somewhere he can eat. I’m not going back, I don’t know his ex is for the exit, the lady from the voice note said.

“Mwambie atafute life ingine and even I can’t feed a man, I can’t pay rent, I can’t feed and pay rent for you and then you cheat on me in the same house that I’m paying rent for, I swear to God it’s not happening.”

According to the voice note the time the lady was dating the ex he brought a woman to their own home and slept with her.

This was the main cause of their breakup.