Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On the drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive, they shared their opinion about the trending video of a lady ranting that she can’t date a man who engages in household chores.

According to her’s so unmanly.

“Nilikuwa natembea katika harakati zangu za paleTiktok, nikapatana na dada Fulani anasema the type of men that she cannot date,” Xclusive said.

“Types of men I can never ever date, men who cook, men who go to the kitchen, men who do any feminine duties. Oh my God! That’s a turn off. A man who can even clean and wash the kids ooh my God! I can never ever do that,” the lady from the trending video said.

Reason being he is showing his weak side, so who is the man in the house, who is supposed to defend us in that house can never be me. If you want to date me sit in the sofa, give instructions and wait to be served. Tulia acha muhahe muhahe sijui kumop, kuclean.”

According to Xclusive doing household chores as a man is a life skill not a relationship skill so he doesn’t see anything wrong with a man doing all those chores.

“First of all those are life skills, remember sisi ni watu ambao tumeenda boarding school boys only, sisi ni watu tumeishi campus kama wanaume, so kujua kupika is something that is a life skill, not a relationship skill,” Xclusive said.

Xclusive went on and said women keep on contradicting themselves since they say they can’t do wifely duties to a boyfriend and when they get married it becomes a big deal when the man engages in the house chores.