Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

Mwalimu Rachel pays tribute to Jahmby Koikai on radio

On the drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive, they paid their heartfelt tributes to Jambhy Koikai after she succumbed to endometriosis while receiving treatment at Nairobi Hospital.

“It’s news now all over the internet, we are mourning a champion for endometriosis this is someone who took us on her very tough journey that she was facing with endometriosis one Jambhy Koikai na tunamuita Fyah Mama,” Mwalimu said.

Now it was just last week that she had appealed for blood O positive donation and wakenya wakawa wanajaribu kumsaidia kwenda na kudonate damu.”

According To Mwalimu Rachel, Jambhy had recently pleaded with President Ruto to invest in health care specializing in endometriosis treatment as he was in the state.

Jambhy urged President Ruto to take a look at how things are done in the state concerning endometriosis so that he can implement them in Kenya.

Mwalimu went on and said it had taken Jambhy 17 years just to get a diagnosis of endometriosis since she used to go to the hospital and the doctors lacked a hint of what was going on with her.

Once Jambhy was diagnosed her lungs started collapsing every month due to displaced endometrial tissues.

Mwalimu also disclosed the women who suffer in silence, maybe because they are not aware of the condition or because they take the condition so lightly making it seem normal to undergo pain which is not.