Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

Radio host Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive have reacted to reggae DJ Kriss Darlin’s post, where he criticized people who mourned Jambhy Koikai by posting her yet the time she needed blood donation nobody posted it.

“I want to address the nation, you know Mwalimu today I woke up I got three missed calls from three different bloggers ambao walikuwa wananiuliza, so yesterday one reggae DJ Chris Darling alieka post pale kwenye IG yake after the passing of Jambhy Koikai Fyah Mummah,” Xclusive explained.

“And this is what the post says, it’s now time to post pics with the departed, but when she asked and needed blood donation and help nobody posted pics RIP warrior.”

According to Xclusive this post really offended him since it insinuated that everybody that didn’t post Jahmby when she needed blood are pretenders when they now actually post her when she is no more.

Xclusive went on and explained that a lot of people helped Jambhy out in one way or another including him and Mwalimu Rachel, but they saw no need to put it on the internet.

They mentioned that they helped from their hearts not for the sake of being recognized.

“It’s like you’re turning it to be about you now, looking as if you are you are fighting when she is gone,” Mwalimu Rachel said.