The A Nurse Toto Crew

On the morning show with Kwambox and Kerry, they interviewed Fao Shyshy on how she landed as an actress at A Nurse Toto.

Kwambox started the interview by asking Fao how landed at A Nurse Toto show as an actress

“I got onto A Nurse Toto through Butita, he called me one time and he was like there is a production he had on January it was actually December when they had started shooting already and then he was like can you come and I was like Yes,” Fao responded.

“I didn’t know about it, I have never acted before but I was so excited.”

Kwambox went on and asked Shyshy how Butita thought she could act and she had never acted.

“I have no idea but I did it,” Fao responded.

“You play the intern Vie on A Nurse Toto and when you walked into the studio I was like I didn’t know that you are actually shy in real life,” Kerry told Shyshy.

“Her name is Fao Shyshy, that didn’t give you a hint?” Kwambox asked Kerry.