Fao Shyshy
Image: Instagram

During the morning show with Kwambox and Kerry, the duo interviewed renowned Nurse Toto actress, Fao Shyshy, about tattooes.

"Have you ever gotten a tattoo that you regret?" Kwambox inquired of Shyshy.

"I got a tattoo of a guy," Shyshy responded.

Shyshy's answer amused Kwambox, prompting her to ask whether she was coerced into it or did it willingly out of love. Fao explained that she did it out of love.

Kwambox further inquired whether Shyshy had confided in her elder sister or siblings about what had happened and their reactions.

"I have younger siblings and a big sister. They were extremely upset, especially my younger sister. She was furious and wondered why I didn't consult her before getting it. She was really mad," Shyshy explained.

"How young is she?" Kwambox questioned Fao.

Fao revealed that her sister is one year younger than her and understood that what she did was wrong.

"Would you ever do it again?" Kwambox asked Shyshy.

Fao vowed never to repeat such a foolish act in the name of love.

Shyshy further confessed that the guy had influenced her to some extent, as she had only entertained the thought initially, but the pressure from her ex-boyfriend compelled her to go through with it.

Kwambox then invited Fao to offer advice to anyone considering making the same mistake she did.

Fao advised against it, urging those contemplating such actions not to proceed unless their partner reciprocates.

Watch the clip below: