I came to the conclusion that I am old and I might never be hip to the latest sheng words.

The real meanings of slang words your favorite rapper uses

But one thing I do know is good music and specifically big club bangers. And of these, I can say with confidence Kansoul has arrived with yet another banger.

The trio made up of Madtraxx, Mejja and Kid Kora are back with a tune called Accelerator (Serereka) and they have decided to collaborate with Vivian.

The song was produced by Madtraxx for RedREPUBLIK and was mixed at ABH Studios. The video features all the latest dance styles you probably have seen in al the viral videos youngins have been releasing of late and I shan’t lie that I am tempted to learn some of them…

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The track is the type I can honestly see being dropped at any club and youngins will hit the flow. It was also a nice touch to see Vivian showcase her versatility by rapping but all that nearly was washed away when I noticed Madtrax was in skinnier jeans than even I rock.

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Check out the video below: