Vivian, Naiboi and Savara recently released a collabo dubbed Cheza Chini.

At the time a leaked conversation between Naiboi, Savara and her husband Sam West was leaked alleging that Sam was upset about the intimate video.

Vivian joined Shaffie and Adelle in studio to talk more about the collabo, the Kenyan music scene and more.

Music wise how is 2019 going for Vivian?

I think I feel like I am redisining alot of things moving forward coz now I am more in touch. I have a strong voice in making decisions, and now its not about making the music it's the voice I'm putting out.

I can feel the pressure and even for the content and like right now if I release music.

How did it come around, and did they short list anyone else?

Naiboi I have known him for a bit when he had the hit song with Timmy welle welle, I also had a hit at the time and we used to be called for shows together so we became familiar to each other

so we've known each other for a while, and we've been getting into studio previously but funny enough we've never really released some other content that we've worked on together. and for this song we said eh there is something interesting here so I don't know if I sent him a message or he sent me a message. and then he said eh I hope this year we get to work on something together which is so interesting because it's something that people always say. and then when we were in studio with Naiboi. Savara was on the phone and then Naiboi told Savara, by the way tuko studio we are working on something si you pitia?

then he said by the way niko tuu hapa, let me pitia. So he came to the studio and now we were looking for a chorus,

so we gave him time and he came up wit this idea and we felt it would be a perfect blend, like two songs in one.

What does she have planned next?

For the next song I'm doing a single and just generally working on more content this year. We want to do a main focused tour for Vivian,, because i feel like I have now alot of content.

I feel like it's a good time to like put myself out there.