Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram

If you are a constant KISSFM listener you have probably heard Kamene Goro mention that she is single. The statement that shocks a lot of people.

Jalang'o who had his first show with Kamene is already tired of hearing her talk about her single life. On that note, he has promised that during his time at KISSFM, he will make sure she has found a man.

She put out a list of the kind of man she wants but the list is a bit tricky to find the whole package.


"I want a man who has a car I can step up and not step down like yours, the one you took me round Nairobi with yesterday. A man who will give me all the attention I need. He needs to text me good morning and he needs to affirm that I am beautiful and then later on the day ask me if I have eaten and at night a very sweet goodnight message. Another quality is a man who can wash utensils because I hate washing dishes but I can cook for this man because I love cooking and finally, a man who has a strong beard game." Kamene said

Jalang'o and Kamene Goro
Image: Kiss100

This list got Jalang'o aka Heavy J Baba shocked because it is hard to find a man who has the whole package. 

Even from the streets of Twitter men are saying you can't find all that in one man. Especially hiyo kuosha vyombo hapo is tricky. I think we will need to adjust and compromise the list. If you have a big car we will pardon him when it comes to washing utensils because he can afford a dishwasher. If you do not have a beard, then you need to have a big car and if you do not have a car then you definitely need to wash the utensils.

The search has proved to be difficult for Jalas and he says he has only found one man for Kamene with all these qualities and that is one Shaffie Weru. 

Jalang'o promised to do all he can to try organize the two. Keep it Kiss100 for updates.