Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just GymIt are going at each other and it looks like they will not stop anytime soon.

After she put a 43-minute video, Frankie decided to counter that with his evidence and his side of the story.

"I have been in situations that are very dangerous. One thing you need to understand is there is no winner in this battle. We have both lost and failed in being good parents, being good role models and we have failed in protecting our kids from social media and right now, it is messy.

This video is not to address social media because they can switch sides easily this is to address Maureen. Because if I do not talk about my kids, I am a deadbeat father and if I talk about them I seeking sympathy."

Frankie said that his video countering her claims is for the men in a similar situation either as a father or a child from a broken home.

"I made the deadbeat video which was the first time I talked about Maureen because the narrative about me changed. I have been through so much that I can not even talk about it.

Let us start from the beginning, remember the mold situation in my house? When I moved out I knew it was an issue but it got worse and Maureen asked for my help to get rid of the mold. I gave her a contact and told her to explain it to the guy and get it fixed. A few days later I asked her if things were fixed she said she is renovating so the paintwork is needed. I told her okay and then told her to send the boys to me as the renovation is going on. Weeks later I did not hear from her."

Frankie says the next thing he gets is a screenshot of a message Maureen sent to her friend thanking her for taking care of the kids. He was surprised because he offered to help with the kids for however long. He was taken a back.

Their co parenting situation changed from him seeing the kids three times a week to once on Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm and her excuse was so that the kids could get used to the new house. 

In the video he details how he walks in to pick the kids and is surprised to find that things have changed completely. Not only the mold situation but the whole house was renovated and mind you this is not his house.

Producing receipts as evidence, he complained about how Maureen changed his visitation days and amount of time spent with his sons. He wasn't happy. He went ahead and narrated how the day the kid's nanny told him no when he asked for the kids to be dropped off at a location where he was going for his niece's birthday party.

Explaining the scenario where Maureen said he came and sat in the car on calls, his side of the story was,

"I came to pick the kids for that one day I am allowed to spend time with them. I knock on the door, it is not opened so I ring the doorbell she opens and locks the door behind her and says I will not go in because I will wake Kai up. In my head, I am thinking so what am I supposed to do? So I ask if I am seeing the children or not she says no. I am taken aback but I walk away since I do not like confrontation.

She goes ahead of me, gets into her car and packs in front of my car so I can't leave which gets me worried about what is going on so I call Corazon and explain everything. She is hysterical so I tell her it will be okay (shows video). Maureen comes and knocks on my window and tells me I can now see my kids. Mind you she has been making phone calls I do not know to who and why. "

Frankie goes ahead to say that was the last time he had with his kids for more than an hour. From that day communication was off as he was trying to figure out how he will come up with a structure to see his kids and deal with all that is happening.

Now on the day Kai was admitted to the hospital, Just GymIt got the information the next day in the evening and he was not happy with that. For him he says, it is very important for the wellbeing of his children to be a priority and he should have been informed as soon as he was getting worse. That angered him. It pains him to see Kai has grown up and he was not present for those steps.

Frankie then addressed the birthday post that led to all this drama. 

"I posted the caption for Lexi to know that the day he will have an Instagram page, he will be able to see what has been going on. He will know Papa was trying in as much as things were not pretty. I have been battling this for a year 4 months and I know I still will until the boys are old enough."