Betty Kyallo has been an influence in Kenya for a pretty long time. From her days on TV to the CEO she is now.

With that experience comes lessons and a lot more to deal with. Taking to social media she addressed the one thing that she suffers from on the daily - trolls.

“Guard your heart. Many times I’ve been asked how I deal with trolls and haters in the last 10 years of being a public figure is how to protect my energy. I’ve learned that not everyone has to like me….I’m cool with that because the amount of love I get is crazy.” Betty took to social media

This post has nothing but facts written all over it because really even Jesus was not liked by everyone and he is by far the only perfect one we know of.

Betty Kyallo has gone through a lot when it comes to the internet space. From her career, to her hustle which was so dramatic at one time, to her personal life, to her dating life, etc.

"I choose what I consume, I don’t read negative stories, comments about myself plus my close Friends and family never send me things that would affect my spirit. It’s like a bubble. ❤️Also never let people put crazy expectations on you. Gosh, you are human. You are allowed to be, live, be happy, feel sad, fail, rise, fall. It’s ok. I’m also alive to the fact that it’s not a “famous people” issue. Anyone can go through this. Could be hate, discrimination from relatives and friends. Learn to be blind to things that crush your soul. You don’t have to hear everything. Who said what about you etc… Block the noise and always put your mental health first. Take care of yourself.

Love BK" She shared more advice.

But that has never stopped her from sharing her smile with her fans but most importantly, her words of advice. Like I say about Akothee, you may love to hate her but she will always leave you a little bit wiser.