Vehicle users queue for fuel
Image: The Star

Rumour has it the country is likely to experience a second wave of fuel shortage crisis.

Vehicles are currently back to queuing in hope for stocking up in fuel around the country’s fueling stations.

On today’s Morning Kiss, Kamene and Obinna were discussing how the government should take initiative and be responsible for supplying fuel across the nation to its citizens.

Despite the narrative surrounding the differences between oil marketers and the government of Kenya, the two morning hosts urged the responsible parties to supply adequate fuel that will take vehicle users throughout this long weekend as many are expected to travel to their rural homes.


I believe as Kenyans we don’t care about what happened between marketers or diversions or even what is happening in Uganda, skiza, just please give us fuel, just do the job.” Stated Kamene after Obinna highlighted an article which was explaining why there is fuel shortage in the country.

She continued her rant adding that, “I don’t come here telling people that today’s microphones are not working or the table machines are not working? No we just come here and do our job the best way we can and deliver what is expected!

From Kenyans, such a crisis is falling at a terrible time as many are expected to travel, visit their relatives back home while others take advantage of the long weekend and ride along the suburbs of Nanyuki, Nakuru and Naivasha.


In counties around the western region, such as Siaya, Busia and Migori, automotive operators, especially boda boda service providers, are being forced to go back to the old tradition of using bicycles to carry passengers to their destination as fuel around those areas is in complete scarce.

A manager of a Petro station in Busia, said the fuel scarcity has been generated by the Kenya pipeline failing to release enough fuel to the market at a wholesale price.

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