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Judith Nyambura Mwangi aka Avril has been in the news this past week after her most recent song received a lackluster reception from Kenyans.

Her song, 'Danger' featuring up and coming musician Brenda Maina, was released 11 days ago and has only been watched 46k times.

The mediocre reaction from Kenyans has been an embarrassment for Avril who was at one time the biggest female musician in Kenya. 


Even one of her long-time fans brought up the issue commenting on how badly the song had performed shortly after its release. (It had garnered less than 1000 views after 8 hours on YouTube!) 

Nimrod who happens to be a fashion designer said that the mother of one had used the wrong strategy and that she wasn't the "it" anymore.

But what does the 18-year  industry veteran have to say concerning the performance of the song?


In an interview with Mungai Eve, the pretty 'Chokoza' hit-maker defended her record of releasing music, refuting claims she was inconsistent?

"I have always been consistent. I release music every year. My true fans know that I only release music in April of every year. My birthday month."

She also defended herself from claims that poor marketing and communication skills were the reason she hadn't got great views on YouTube like other veteran artistes. 

She added that people only celebrate people when they are dead


 "People only like to celebrate others when they are dead. My songs will trend when I die. If I were to die today (God forbid), the songs would trend. We saw that with the late Mwai Kibaki, even those who didn't like him in his life, were praising him when he was dead," she said.

How did she feel when people compared her views to other artists?

"I am a human being of course.  So you feel bad for some time. I choose not to take it personally," she said maturely.

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