savara in kiss studios
savara in kiss studios

Sauti Sol band member, Delvin Mudigi better known by his stage name Savara, was in studio today.

He narrated to Kamene and Obinna how embarrassed he was about never visiting Uganda even though he's from Western Kenya and the two are practically neighbours. 

"Let me tell you a story, I was whipped, I was whipped major. It took MTV to take me to Jinja, Uganda," an animated Savara said. 


"No way!" A surprised Kamene said.


"Yeah. Imagine I had not been to Uganda, I am from Western province, Jinja ni kucross tu hapo ( you just cross the border) but I lived in Nairobi,"  Savara said trying to defend himself.

" So most of my white friends, they'd come from Germany and all over would come and I'd hear them say they're going to Nyege Nyege festival and I always wondered, what happens here," Savara said.


" Yoh... I went... do you know how River Nile looks like? Have you ever been to Jinja? 


"Buda!"  Kamene responded clearly a little bit insulted by Savara asking her the question.

"Mehn I was like... I felt so embarrassed... I was like how can I even not have been there," Savara revealed.

The artist added that that incident had him counting how many other amazing places around the continent had he not been to.

" So it's crazy. And I was like how many other places have I not been to." Savara finished off.

Kamene let the Sauti Sol band member know that was why one, "Lives and dies in Africa baby! Mentally, physically zote... all the way." 

Highlighting lyrics from the band's song, "Live and Die in Africa."

Savara also spoke about the mindset he had during the making of his album 'Savage Level,' he really rediscovered himself.

Speaking about the album he said, " It is a covid baby, but because I had to dig deep mehn! I found myself in crazy vulnerable moments. To be able to release this kind of energy, so it's really a good thing. I feel like this is the first time that people will really get to understand who I really am." 

Savara will be hosting Drip Fest at Nairobi Street Kitchen on the 11th of June where he'll be performing songs from his album from 2 pm till late.

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